SportsEngine Registration: xHockeyProducts Training Facility

2020 NEW General Waiver Form

Player and Parent Information


 1. Do not enter xHPTF if you or anyone you have been around (including family or friends) have been sick or have shown the below symptoms in the past 24 hours:
     - Cough
     - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
     - Fever
     - Chills
      - Muscle pain
      - Sore throat
      - New loss of taste or smell
     - This list is not all possible symptoms. Other less common symptoms have been  reported, including gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

****If you do come into xHockey with any of the above symptoms you will be asked to leave and asked not to return until you have a physician’s clearance****

2. Do not enter xHockey if you have a compromised immune system.
3. Everyone using xHockey’s facilities must complete our online only ‘Updated Online Facility Use Waiver’ prior to entering facility.
4. Only 1 Parent per player allowed in rink at this time.  No other family members or siblings.
5. Players must be dressed, as much as possible prior to entering xHockey.
6. Locker room doors are to stay OPEN.
7. Players must follow locker room assignments and physical distance by staying and keeping belongings in their (x) marked spot
8. Players can only arrive 10 minutes prior to their class.
9. Players must leave building within 10 minutes after their class ends.
10. Players must adhere to physical distancing.  Trainers will remind players as needed. 
11. Leave Hockey Gloves and Hockey facemask on at all times (consider purchasing a plastic full shield also known as a “Bubble” Facemask to reduce the spread of germs).
12. Do not share water bottles!!!
13. Have Fun and Work Hard!!!!!
14. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
15. Thank you for adhering to our updated rules.

Waiver and Release Form: Please Read and Accept Conditons below

Participants and guardian hereby affirm that by enrolling in any of the Total Hockey Development Center, LLC (dba xHockeyProducts Training Facility) programs, clinics or camps, participant and guardian are required to provide all protective equipment and ensure the proper fit, form and function of said equipment with regard to the safety of the user. Participants and guardians understand and agree that neither xHockeyProducts Training Facility, its owners, operators, coaches, agents, sponsors or staff may be held liable in any way for the occurrence in the connection with the programs which may result in sickness, injury, death, or other damages to participant or participant’s family, heirs or assigns. Participants and guardians have agreed to these release terms of their own free will. Participant and guardian have read and understand the contents of this assumption and release. Participant and guardian assume responsibility for participant’s physical fitness and capability to perform athletically under normal conditions of xHockeyProducts Training Facility. Furthermore, I understand xHockeyProducts Training Facility reserves the right to use any pictures or videos taken during the camps, clinics or programs for advertising and promotional purposes.